Every single wedding is different, and so it should be…It’s YOUR wedding day!
Your wedding photography should be unique to you – capture your individual personality.

You want people to look at your wedding photography and say WOW! So it’s my job to provide that reaction for you to enjoy.

Climb trees, run through the venue’s grounds and gardens – I will be right there behind you, one or two photographers, one or two different perspectives on your big day, one or two female photographers who have both been in your shoes, spent the day as a bride and know what your looking for.

I offer a candid, relaxed approach to wedding photography, whilst I capture the main parts of your wedding as any other good photographer should.

I also take a step back and see things that sometimes you miss, for instance the groom waiting patiently at the end of the aisle unknowingly fixing his cufflinks, or the little girl adoringly watching the beautiful bride who looks like a princess, laughing & talking to her guests – I wont miss a thing.

Please contact me for further information on my price plans and details on my packages or special offers.